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Snail Elixir Miracle (100ml)

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Joint pain relief with Snail Elixir Miracle
  • Your joint pains will stop thanks to strong and natural anti-inflammatory power
  • Your cartilage will heal and be nourished in depth
  • Supplied in a 100ml bottle


In 1980, scientists were able to prove that snails have a unique protein (that is found abundantly in these animals) that allows them to regenerate, rebuild and heal damage to their shells or cuts I-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y! That is why the inhabitants of Crete donít suffer from arthritis! By eating snails regularly they have this immense privilege. We bring to you the first cure made with Snail Elixir Miracle. For the first time, you can now benefit from this arthritis healer ďThe Snail Elixir MiracleĒ. Just 24 hours after starting your treatment you will feel an improvement in your arthritic joints. If you suffer from arthritis, donít waste a second and try this miraculous product.

  • Your joint pains will stop thanks to strong and natural anti-inflammatory power.

  • Your cartilage will be cleaned and cleared of stagnant dead cells.

  • Your cartilage will be intensively rehydrated. Your joints will regain their flexibility, mobility and shape.

  • Your cartilage will heal and be nourished in depth. Tissue regeneration accelerates naturally.

  • Your natural antioxidant functions will be boosted and create a highly protective barrier against free radicals.

If Elixir of Helix Snail Elixir is able to quickly relieve your joint pains, itís not by virtue of any analgesic or anaesthetic properties. Itís because it will neutralise the two main causes of your arthrosis pains, namely:
  • The inflammations generated by cartilage debris irritating the synovial membrane.
  • Direct contact between your bones, due to the shortcomings in your cartilage.

By repairing and regenerating your cartilage thanks to its concentration of allantoin and glycoproteins, Elixir of Helix Snail Elixir will remove all of the pains relating to degradation and reduction of your cartilage. From the very beginning of your treatment, youíll feel the pains lessening and then progressively disappear with every added day of the treatment.

3 Stages Of Recovery

With the high concentration of pure allantoin secreted in snail elixir, the Elixir of Helix Snail Elixirs liquid formula will envelop your joints like a bandage. This will allow the allantoin to immediately act in the healing process of your fissured and eroded, arthrosis-afflicted cartilage. By repairing your cartilage, the allantoin will replace one of the main causes of your pains from osteoarthritis.

The glycoproteins contained in snail slime are like the glucose that supplies energy to your system: they will provide your cartilage with the necessary energy for its quick, deep and lasting self-regeneration. As your cartilage progressively regenerates, youíll feel how your mobility and joint-health improve considerably.

The formula of Elixir of Helix Snail Slime is extremely rich in collagen and elastin, two key substances in the structural integrity of joint tissue, both of which are naturally found in snail slime. Once nourished and bathed in these substances thanks to the Elixir of Helix Snail Slime, your cartilage will become supple and resistant again. Your joints will quickly regain flexibility and robustness.




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So far so good
I have been using this for 3 days, I have an arthritic hip which is extremely painful and limiting. I have found almost immediate relief from the pain, I am walking almost normally already, am quite amazed. The only down side as I can see is the cost. The dosage is 2 x 5 ml per day so the 100 ml bottle will last only 10 days so quite expensive. I make this observation on an entirely personal experience.
Reviewed by Linda, Basildon On 11th February 2018

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